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Leche Puto98
Leche puto

This fluffy and delicious variation of the famous steamed rice cake, become the number one choice for its creamy egg fl


I often hear my daughter complaining about Math. While doing homework on quadratic equations, for instance, she would as


My very dear friend thenotsocreativecook invited me to join the Fiesta Friday . Fiesta friday hosted by The Novice

Leche Puto140
Leche puto

I feel somewhat like a sacrificial lamb. Or maybe a guinea pig. Because of my desire to share new recipes here, I expe

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Yema Cake8
Yema cake

Yema Cake Photo by Verly Chandler The recipe and youtube video below is from My Sweet Ambitions Yema Cake For the chi

Bam-I (Pancit Bisaya)6
Bam-i (pancit bisaya)

With the many cultural influences that strongly helped us be who we are as Filipinos, it is no wonder that we too have a


Lechetin This Filipino traditional flan dessert is a combination of leche flan and gelatin in pineapple syrup. A twist

Graham Peanut Ball31
Graham peanut ball

I never thought that what I imagined, turned into a delicious chocolatey and nutty sweet treat that is so addicting in e

Chocolate no-bake cheesecake20
Chocolate no-bake cheesecake

When I made a peach cheesecake recently I wanted to make a chocolate version for my boyfriend as he doesn't eat peaches.

Pastillas Pops17
Pastillas pops

An affordable treat for your kids to enjoy or even a good item for your party's dessert. Try it. Ingredients for 18-20

Rocky Road  No-Bake Cake13
Rocky road no-bake cake

I like the rocky road flavor of the ice cream, that's why today I was busy at the kitchen formulating a unique rocky roa

Chocolate Crinkles11
Chocolate crinkles

A young and enthusiastic lady who loves baking and graphic designing shared her delicious crinkles for all of us, by the

Buchi de Leche Recipe10
Buchi de leche recipe

Butchi de Leche by FERNA Fried malagkit balls filled with custard and rolled in nutty sesame seeds. This delectable

Choco Munchkins9
Choco munchkins

No need to go to your donut shops now to buy these munchkins because right at the comfort of your home, you can make the

Eggless Chocolate  Flan8
Eggless chocolate flan

I loved  how my eggless leche flan turned out last week, it's really good according to my friends who tasted it. Today I

Ginulay na mais

Matagal na akong hindi nakaka-kain ng Ginulay na Mais. Noong araw kasi nagluluto ng ganito ang aking Inang Lina lalo na

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