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Chicken Empanada35
Chicken empanada
Empanada is a baked or fried pastry stuffed with meats, vegetables or fruits. The word came from the Spanish word “empan
Chicken Empanada Recipe14
Chicken empanada recipe
Chicken Empanada Recipe Little introduction what Empanada all about.  Empanadas are made by folding dough or
Paella Valenciana Recipe10
Paella valenciana recipe
Paella Paella Valenciana A Filipino adaptation of the famous Valencian dish that makes a satisfying one-pot meal for
Arroz Valenciana25
Arroz valenciana
Rice is composed of golden grains harvested from the rice fields. When husks are removed, white grains are shown. To sta
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Glorious Prawns8
Glorious prawns
A tangy and succulent savor prawns that's perfect for any season. I added some fried spinach leaves when I serve it. In
Yema Cake339
Yema cake
Creamy and delicious 2 layer chiffon cake, with yema or milk custard frosting. Yema  is a chewy candy wrapped in a cello
Leche Puto409
Leche puto
This fluffy and delicious variation of the famous steamed rice cake, become the number one choice for its creamy egg fl
Eggless Leche Flan88
Eggless leche flan
 Are you on a diet? This one is for you, a leche flan without an egg, less calories, but still taste the same. One good
Nigella's Ice Cream Cake with Butterscotch Sauce1
Nigella's ice cream cake with butterscotch sauce
We had friends round last Sunday for lunch and I wanted to make a dessert, and I also wanted to make a cake, but thought
How To Make Ice Candy For Sale Version34
How to make ice candy for sale version
An ice candy recipe designed to those who are planning to make ice candy that is for sale. This formula will make your c
Shrimp Caldereta2
Shrimp caldereta
We always love caldereta, but made of meat ( pork, chicken and beef). How about using shrimps instead of meat? Will you
Paksiw na Pata ng Baboy1
Paksiw na pata ng baboy
Paksiw na Pata ng Baboy is similar to cooking an adobo but with more sauce and sugar is added for a sweet blend taste. Y
Pan-fried pink salmon in butter
Noon pa nire-request ng asawa kong si Jolly na magluto naman daw ako ng pink salmon. Hindi ko siya mapagbigyan komo na
Sinigang na Bangus Recipe4
Sinigang na bangus recipe
Sinigang na Bangus by Sa Hapag ng Mga Bayani GMA News TV presents “Sa Hapag ng mga Bayani,” a two-part feature on th
Yummy Cranberry Cheesecake2
Yummy cranberry cheesecake
Tweet Pin It Last year for the holiday season, I made a No Bake White Chocolate Cranberry Cheesecake as part of the 12
Ginataang Sitaw at Kalabasa with Pork1
Ginataang sitaw at kalabasa with pork
There are lots of recipe like this and delivers or make procedure differently. I don't say it taste no good to others bu

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