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Leche Puto220
Leche puto

This fluffy and delicious variation of the famous steamed rice cake, become the number one choice for its creamy egg fl

Rodillas Yema Cake38
Rodillas yema cake

Rodillas Yema Cake 10.29.2014 by Karina Leave a Comment We have been missing the yema cake from Danes Café &

Tapioca Pearl Dessert43
Tapioca pearl dessert

You can make this dessert as colorful as you can by adding different colors of gelatine or gulaman. I only have green ge

Yema Cake50
Yema cake

If you are like me and you always find yourself with tons and tons of leftover eggyolks and would like to find new ways

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Chicken Buffalo Wings (Pinoy Style)47
Chicken buffalo wings (pinoy style)

This is one of the chicken dishes that I like a lot, it will rally boost your appetite. Have a food adventure with this

Brazo de Mercedes37
Brazo de mercedes

Pinoy roulade made of a meringue sheet with an egg custard fillings, made from egg yolks and condensed milk. The light f

Leche Puto182
Leche puto

I feel somewhat like a sacrificial lamb. Or maybe a guinea pig. Because of my desire to share new recipes here, I expe

Puto Flan30
Puto flan

This is a requested recipe from few emails that I received lately, I tried to get the best recipe from few friends and i

Potato Boat Pizza4
Potato boat pizza

Bake/Toast potato skin in oven toaster for 3 minutes. Spread top with DEL MONTE Quick n Easy Pizza Sauce, sour cream and

Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon (Salmon Head in Tamarind Soup)2
Sinigang na ulo ng salmon (salmon head in tamarind soup)

Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon (Salmon Head in Tamarind Soup) October 2, 2014 by Peachy Adarne Leave a Comment Hello Octob

Philippine Cuisine Common Ingredients3
Philippine cuisine common ingredients

The Philippine cuisine has a broad base. The Philippines has a great location where it is based with abundant natural f

Graham Peanut Ball41
Graham peanut ball

I never thought that what I imagined, turned into a delicious chocolatey and nutty sweet treat that is so addicting in e

Eggless Leche Flan40
Eggless leche flan

 Are you on a diet? This one is for you, a leche flan without an egg, less calories, but still taste the same. One good

How to Make Munchkins45
How to make munchkins

Enjoy the weekend with your loved ones, spend time making this delicious snack. Why go to the donut shops while you can

Mely's Kitchen Sticky Rice with Mango44
Mely's kitchen sticky rice with mango

A simple glutinous rice recipe that is good for all occasions. These two main ingredients ( glutinous rice and mango) go

How to make Lasagna Without an Oven47
How to make lasagna without an oven

Question:Is it possible to have a lasagna as good as baked ones without using an oven? Answer: Yes!It is very possible.

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