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Mely's Kitchen Siomai38
Mely's kitchen siomai
I made this siomai with more vegetables for lower calories in every serving. It is still delicious even if it is not too
Bistek without Soy Sauce16
Bistek without soy sauce
I have lots of friends who do not use soy sauce for health reasons, and cooking a dish that calls for soy sauce to inten
Beef Caldereta21
Beef caldereta
Fry potatoes in 2 tablespoons oil. Set aside. In the same pan, add 1 tablespoon oil then Stir-Fry liver spread and beef
Belbet Sopas Manok2
Belbet sopas manok
Procedure: Ingredients 4 na puti ng itlog 1 tasang lutong laman ng manok (hinimay) 4 na tasang sabaw ng manok 1 tasang c
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Bibingka  Recipe29
Bibingka recipe
Glutinous Rice Cake Bibingka The humble bibingka, a Filipino rice cake, is one of the “most traditional” holiday trea
Pata Tim Recipe9
Pata tim recipe
Pata Tim is a Chinese inspired braised pork legs (pata) dish that is somewhat similar to pork adobo. The recipe uses po
Pininyahang Sugpo16
Pininyahang sugpo
A dish with a perfect blending of taste. Try it. Ingredients: 4 pieces prawns 1/2 onion 1/2 cup pineapple juice 1/2 cup
Puto with Cheese (Filipino Steamed Cake with Cheese)8
Puto with cheese (filipino steamed cake with cheese)
Puto is a popular Filipino snack that is originally made from ground rice. Milk, sugar, baking powder and sometimes eggs
Puto Mais5
Puto mais
Pinoy Steamed Rice Cake corn flavor, soft and moist in texture. With a bite and creamy taste of corn, and eaten as is o
Home-made Kikiam35
Home-made kikiam
I am so glad Beth Celis of Taste Buds Unlimited posted the recipe for Kikiam in her Facebook. I love kikiam. For me kik
Nov  6, Coffee Jelly2
Nov 6, coffee jelly
Coffee jelly is a popular Japanese dessert which is a coffee-flavored gelatin in a creamy coffee-flavored dairy base.My
No Bake Fruity Cheesecake68
No bake fruity cheesecake
Crust: Combine ingredients for crust. Mix well. Press evenly on the bottom of a 9” loose bottom tin pan or pie plate.
Chicken Afritada a la Caldereta35
Chicken afritada a la caldereta
Afritada and caldereta in one? Yes almost like that.It is the Nestle cream from caldereta that made this afritada creamy
Puto Pao20
Puto pao
This delicious Filipino dainty uses the batter of puto and a filling of siopao that is why it is called Puto Pao. Easie
Ham and Cheese Bread Rolls27
Ham and cheese bread rolls
Re-cooked by Mhytch Dela Cruz Perez Ten years ago, I often cooked this to earn money because I want to buy somethin
Hot and Spicy Pork Adobo8
Hot and spicy pork adobo
An adobo cooked by my friend, which he served to us when we visited him, while we were eating I told him that I would lo

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